How to get Cubase reinstalled on my computer?

I have a new computer and am trying to install Cubase 7. I purchased a box version of Cubase 6 in 2010, later upgrading to 6.5. In 2013, I purchased a full license for Cubase 7 and downloaded the upgrade. I have the current eLicenser installed, and all my products are listed as activated. Cubase 6 is no longer listed, and I am told that is correct, since I purchased the upgrade.

However, I cannot find a way to get Cubase 7 onto my new computer. I tried installing version 6 from the disks but I cannot find a way to upgrade/reinstall version 7. Is there someplace to download? What is the proper procedure?


down load c7 then install c7.0.6 on top and you should be good to go .

c6 is a completely different program and you can run them side by side and the licence is backwards compatible so you can still run c6

Thanks so much!!