How to get Groove Agent SE4 to give you separate drum tracks

Hi Im new to Groove Agent, and I want to know if there is an automatic way to have separate outputs for all drum parts, instead of having them in one midi file, so to end up with different tracks on the project each corresponding to, say, a kick, a snare, a hat etcc without having to manually edit for hours.

Thx a lot!!

In Cubase you can use MIDI > Dissolve Part > Separate Pitches.

Using this you can split each note into either separate tracks or separate lanes in one track.

You can keep the MIDI file as one file but separate the channels so that you have one channel per drum. This will give you individual control of each drums volume, reverb, eq, pan and any plugg you would like to add. Each drum can also be automated. All separate drums will relate to its own part of the same MIDI file. In the project window you will have one MIDI file and under VST instruments and under GA there you will find a lane for each drum that also corresponds to the corresponding track in your mixer. Check the manual for setting up multiple outs fro GA4.

This is a better way than separating the MIDI file if you later want to edit the drums as all drums are accessible through the same file and thus being in the same window for editing.

I often use both… I split midi channels to have midi info separate per instrument… and route each instrument (pad) to a separate out… I so this with GA as a rack instrument (old style) but you can now do that with an instrument track too.

Just wanted to add this because splitting midi does not exclude splitting channels, you can use one option or both together… love this flexibility!

Good luck!