How to get Mediabay to filter oneshots from loops?

Hi, I’ve been setting up Mediabay but miss the option to select/filter between one-shots or loops in Nuendo 12? It’s a bit annoying, I remember way back when there was a dedicated loop browser so there must be an option to only select loops coming up in the results somehow?

Edit: I found the filter loop and oneshot under ‘character’ as filter but it doesn’t work on all my files (seems to only work on Steinberg sound content sets) so it misses a lot of samples. Workaround for Native Instruments content is to use the [ sign in the search bar as every NI-loop seems to have tempo in the name of the sample for instance Strings[130], that way all loopfiles from Native instruments come up. I believe Mediabay cannot actively analyze if a sample is oneshot or loop.