How to get midi channel of a note event?

In onNote function I’d like to retrieve a midi channel to which a received midi note belongs. Is it possible? I can not find any system variable or method to achieve it. Thanks!

I am pretty sure this is not possible as there is no such property for event class defined.

What are you trying to accomplish? Maybe there is some other way to achieve something similar.

Yes, I’ve seen these event properties, which can be retrieved. But there is no midi channel property among them. My idea is to sort coming notes by a midi channel and send them to different blocks of the script. And according to the link above it seems like not possible, as info about midi channel can be obtained. Am I right?

I see. Can you use something else? Maybe midi cc or note expression?

Nope. The script should deal with midi-notes by channel. Substitution to another kind of midi message is not possible.