How to get newly purchased loop sets from Image Sounds into cubase

Hey there folks,
maybe someone here would know about or give us an idea how to get a couple of image sounds vst sound loop sets into cubase (12 pro).
They were purchased from image sounds (not steinberg), so they only came with a download link, so I have the sound files themselves but no activation codes or licences etc.
While I’m awaiting a response from image sounds, I’m not having much luck in finding out how to get them into cubase (so they appear in the mediabay loop sets) - any ideas ?
thanks in advance
Kind regards

You should be able to put them anywhere on your computer, and then use the Mediabay to include the folder.

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You will not get any activation codes from Image Sound as all that you purchased was the Loop pack (wav files). To get them into to CB12 you will need to extract the zip file into any location you want. As Steve says you can then Use the Media bay to ‘register’ the files.

You can then use either the Media bay (F5) or the right zone (File Browser) to load the wav file.
Please note that until you register the files in Media bay they will not appear in the file browser.

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Sorted now, thanks Steve & DodMod