How to Get Notes to Fade Out [When Finger(s) Are Elevated But Sustain Pedal Is Kept Pressed Down]?

Hello. Is there a way to make the notes fade out [when finger(s) is lifted but sustain pedal is kept pressed down]? That’s how it is on my Yamaha DGX220 keyboard. When I lift both my finger(s) and sustain pedal up, then the sound of the note disappears right away. But when I only lift my finger(s) [and sustain pedal is kept pressed down] the sound of the note(s) fade out. I really like this feature. But often this doesn’t happen in MOX8 or in Cubase. When playing piano voice yes, but not when playing a voice like a horn instrument for example.

So yeah, is there a way to get this DGX220 feature in Cubase and/or MOX8??

The site doesn’t allow me to post links, but if you need an example to understand what I mean, then please search (on youtube) Andreas Devig - Quiet Canon (Steve Roach)

You can hear in that song how the first couple of notes fade out. The song was recorded with a Yamaha DGX220 keyboard.

The limitation on this behavior that you want is that it isn’t determined by Cubase or anything that can be enabled in a global manner. As you note you get the sound fading out on Piano Presets. That’s because each Virtual Instrument determines how it will behave when a sustain is engaged while a note-off message occurs. The audio behavior of each VSTi is determined by whoever designed that specific VSTi.

Someone designing a piano VSTi will probably have it fade out like you want by default because that is how an actual piano behaves. But someone designing a sax VSTi is unlikely to have it fade out like that because saxes in the real world don’t. That doesn’t mean a sax VSTi couldn’t be setup to do that, but the designer would have to have made that part of their design - and they may well have but not likely as the default setting.

However a bunch of VSTi’s do include controls that will let you adjust these parameters. You want to look for controls with names like Sustain, Release & Hold and play with those. And you may need to poke around each instrument to find them (if they exist).

If you are not familiar with the concept of an ADSR Envelope it would be a worthwhile google

You can fade out midi volume (not velocity) just remember to fade back up again.

" and they may well have but not likely as the default setting."
Thanks for the response. I would love a way to set that setting. If I adjust, say the decay to -3 to -6 and the sustain to -33… The problem is that each note will then fade out after the exact same time. Each note will behave the exact same way. That’s not what I would ideally like. I would like to be abled to hold each respective note for as long (or as short) as I would like, depending on what each respective note requires, what the improvisational mood of that moment calls for, etc.

I would like to be able to control each respective note that I play, like I am in DGX220.

Thanks for your response. Can you explain what you mean (and how to achieve it)?

If you go into key editor the bottom section usually has the velocity for each note. On the left you can click next to the word velocity and from the drop down choose cc7 main volume. You can then draw in a curve to fade out. Do remember to bring it back full once you know the notes are finished otherwise that channel will remain off.

Thanks so much for the tip.

This is a very heavy handed way of doing it though. There has to be a way to do it like in DGX220.

I can’t think of one unless you can control sustain