How to get "OSWorkGroup" on Macs with Apple Silicon

For real-time multi-threaded audio programming on Apple Silicon-based Macs, it is necessary to receive OSWorkGrpup from the host DAW and have the generated threads join the OSWorkGroup in order to effectively use E-Core and P-Core.

I was able to implement it following apple’s guide for the audio unit format plugin, but I don’t know how to get the OSWorkGroup for the VST format plugin.

Does anyone know how to get OSWorkGroup in VST?

By the way, if I set the audio out in Cubase 12 to the same as the default audio in macOS, I can get the OSWorkGroup from the device ID of the default audio, and by joining the thread to the OSWorkGroup, the P-Core and E-Core are balanced. We have confirmed that it can be used well.

we currently have no API for this available. But we are planning to do so in the future. But no timeframe yet.

Thanks for your reply Arne.
I understand that the API is not currently available yet.
However, I am hoping that the API will be implemented soon. Because we want to be happy.