How to get Presonus Faderport Classic to work with Cubase 9.5 and Windows 10

Hi, does anyone know how to get how to get Presonus Faderport Classic to work with Cubase 9.5 and Windows 10?

It worked fine with Mac, but I cant get it to work once I switched my whole system to Windows. I have read a lot of Steinberg forum and presonus info, but to no avail, and spent a few hours trying to get it to work.


Please read the manual pages 7 and 9.

Thanks Martin. I had done that.

  1. manual is out of date. There is no disk (as per Presonus website.

This option does not come up in Cubase 9.5 under Studio setup: In the FaderPort Configuration menu to the right,
set both the MIDI Input and the MIDI Output to
“USB Audio Device”
2) Studio set up in Cubase 9.5 showing FaderPort under Midi Port set up as active for Windows midi in and active for Windows midi out.
3) Under remote devices/general remote, I have selected FaderPort for midi input and midi output. For VST 1-16 I have selected VST mixer for device and instrument Violin 1 for the Channel/Category.
4) Universal Installer keeps saying “limited or no connectivity to FaderPort” - I think this is the main issue as I had set it up easily when I using my mac and had it working properly.



Then it’s most probably on the hardware side. Ask on the PreSonus forum, please.

Hi Martin,

Yes I figured that and sent them a support email.

Thank you.

For what it’s worth, I get a similar message all the time with my Faderport 16 (on a Win 10 PC), though I haven’t had a chance to figure out what is causing it, or what impact it has on the FP16’s functionality.

I keep my A/V production computer disconnected from all networks unless I have to transfer a file to/from another computer, or I am forced to use a program like NI’s Native Access to install/activate programs or plugins.

For those situations, I wrote two simple Windows macros that quickly turn the network adapter’s connection on/off, so that the computer stays online only as long as it has to.

Each time I turn the network connection off, I get a little pop-up bubble that says:

Universal Control
Limited or no connectivity to
“Faderport 16”

. . . where xxx is a fixed IP address that I did not assign (and haven’t yet looked to see what program did).

I’m not even sure why the FaderPort needs (or just happens to have been given) an internal IP address in the first place.

So . . . there are probably plenty of things which cause that rather generic error message, but this link to the connected/disconnected state of the network adapter may or may not be a clue…

Thanks ArsPerpicuus,

I got it working easily in Ableton Live 9, so it is definitely not the Faderport. The error message: Universal Control
Limited or no connectivity to “Faderport 16” did not come up with Ableton, so it is definitely an issue interfacing with Cubase.

Anyone have any other ideas, that would be most helpful, as I want to move away from Ableton to Cubase.


I finally figured it out after getting it to work easily in Ableton.

The error message: "Universal Control Limited or no connectivity to “Faderport 16” has nothing to do with the problem. I dont know why Presonus use this software as it does nothing. Also, if you have a faderport.dll file, delete it, Cubase will black list it anyway and it is not needed. Then in Cubase 9.5 or 10, go to Studio - Studio Setup - Remote Devices, click on the + button top left corner, select Mackie Hui, midi in and midi out change to Faderport. Also in Midi port set up, make sure Windows Midi In Faderport is Active and also Windows Midi Out is active (not inactive). This last step took me some time as I could not make Windows Midi Out active by clicking on it, but somehow I changed it to active and it all works a treat.

Thanks for all the suggestions. Now I can get on to enjoying and exploring Cubase 10.

Can anyone help me? I have read the above but I cant install “FaderPort Control”, I just bought a faderport classic. plus cubase 10 and I’ve now spent so far 8 hours trying get my faderport to work and it won’t!! I’m really upset now. I don’t think I wan’t anything to do with Cubase or Presonus anymore, feel completly conned. :frowning:


RegSvr32 sounds like a 32-bit (whatever it is… I don’t know). Could this work with 64-bit Cubase?

Windows 10 X64/ Cubase 10.0.20 Build 187 pro /FadePort Classic

  1. Installed v1.38 firmware for faderport
    (in the newer version of the firmware there was no motorized fader).

2.(FaderPort.dll) from the folder Cubase-Nuendo_64bit insert in C: \ Program Files \ Common Files \ Steinberg \ Shared Components,

  1. Configured in the program as shown above.

hey Igor, the site does not have that driver anymore. is there a way you can send it to me? I’m running the same win and cubase as you are. Did this solve the 'faderport stopping partway through sessions" problem?

On my new PC - Win10 professional - I just connected my Faderport with my computer and it worked plug’n play. I only copy the Faderport.dll to the right place ( C: \ Program Files \ Common Files \ Steinberg \ Shared Components - as shown above) and that was all I have to do.

No Firmware-Updates or Faderport- or Univeral-Controller-Software is needed.

The Presonus Faderport could then be found in the device menu etc… All as descript in the posts above.

Hello, I am very inclined to buy this controller.

Does the Faderport Classic responds when I select a track in Cubase with a mouse?

I’m asking this because I know other controllers won’t do that.
As for my workflow, the best scenario would be “click on a track with the mouse > fader port understands the selection and update the fader position > move the fader and cubase understand the change”

I want to do this without having to use the selection buttons on the controller.

(I’m using Cubase Pro 10 and Win10)


It follows in Nuendo. I would assume it does the same in Cubase.


My Faderport classic keeps disconnecting with Cubase 10.5.
Anyone got an idea how to fix it?

I’ve seen that there is a whole bunch of people having this problem. It would be really disappointing having to quit using it since the functionality is great!

I‘m having the exact same problem! It looks like it works the first time I start Cubase after a fresh reboot, but it fails to work the next time. However, it still can receive MIDI signals (motorized fader reacts to volume changes and track changes) but when I use the fader of the Faderport, it doesn‘t change the volume of my track in Cubase… What is going on :frowning:

It keeps disappearing from midi devices and when it is added back it works great but it gets really tedious doing it the whole time. :confused:


I was considering the purchase of Faderport8 but this post is scaring me. …
Are you running Windows or Mac? Did you try on Cubase 10.0.60? Did you contact Cubase support?
Does this happen on Windows 10 if a separate USB port is dedicated to the Faderport?
I recently bought an Icon Platform M+ interface and I returned it because of this same problem that you are describing (continuously disappearing from midi devices). The Icon Platform M+ had many other bugs so I won’t go back but I would like to know if it is safe to use Faderport.