How to get realtime MIDI to a VST effect

Is it possible to get real time MIDI events to control a VST effect.

I’m trying to get Fabfilter’s Timeless 2 (VST3 delay effect) to receive MIDI notes to gate it’s envelope, in fact I cannot get any realtime MIDI event to work with any VST effect

If everything is working normally, all you have to do is record/monitor enable a MIDI track, with its output (or a MIDi Send) routed to the MIDI input of the plugin (which should appear at the bottom of the available MIDI destinations for that track).

Thanks for that, I got it going now,
I had to create a second MIDI track and copy all the data from the first track to the new track, so that the key data could trigger the envelope in the plug in.
It would seem more logical if Cubase could use the MIDI data on the Instrument track for the effect plug ins, because having to have two MIDI tracks is a messy way to achieve it