How to get rid of a pesky timer window?

It’s a little timer, similar to the one on the transport panel or the one Devices/Time Display, but much smaller. I can’t seem to find out how to get rid of it. I must have fumbled it into existence…



Devices/Time Display?

EDIT: Sorry…didn’t read your post properly, I see you said this is a different one than that!
I’m not aware of any other timer in Cubase…can you post a screenshot.

Hi Grim
I have had a Cubase crash and lost it, but it’s smaller than Devices time display, appears to do the same job - it’s popped up before. There is no right click close or x . The only way I know to get rid of it, is revert, or crash !!

Well time display is freely sizeable…though the title bar remains fixed height.

But if it’s definityely not just the time display, maybe it’s some kind of gui corruption…along with your mixer buttons issue it doe seem like your graphics are not working as they should.

I wonder if this is connected to your windows sizing options as you said you made some customisations.

Grim firstly thank you for your input. However, I don’t think this is the case. A lot of this is me getting used to Cubase 8.5, after not being in the studio since C5. I am doing a lot of intensive learning at firing off odd questions.
As I said in a previuos post, I noticed a steinberg video where the teacher had mixer button issues. As for the timer display, I think it is a part of Cubase, I have seen it before, its a very cut down version Timer Display, and its floatable. I think it has a purpose.
On the whole it’s going well here, the template build is in its second stage.