How to get rid of the USB-dongle?

I have Cubase 10.5 with the license on an USB-dongle. Frankly, i hate the dongle and i’ve never found any use for the “mobility” it provides, since i only use it on my laptop… I’ve read from several sources that it’s not possible to move the license.

I’m thinking of updating to Cubase 13. Is it possible to update from 10.5 to 13 in a way that ends up with Cubase working without the dongle i.e. with soft-elicense or the cloud license?

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? Sources? What you mean with move?


Oh, man, i did Google for it. I’m sorry, but the way Steinberg has organized these forums and basically all information is really difficult. For example the Steinberg Licensing Forum you linked doesn’t seem to be among the categories here.

Google told me: “It is not possible to transfer licenses from an USB-eLicenser to a Soft-eLicenser (hard disk).”

Anyway, the link you provided says i can move to the new licensing system when updating. Thanks!

"How do I update to a new version of an application that uses Steinberg Licensing?

To update from a version of a software product that currently uses eLicenser to one that uses Steinberg Licensing, you should first ensure that you have registered your eLicensers in MySteinberg. Then, when you buy an update from the Steinberg online shop, you will receive a Download Access Code (DAC) by email. Run Steinberg Download Assistant, and enter your DAC."

The link from @st10ss is not pointing to the forum, it shows the Support Pages and that is the Place where you can find tons of Informations very easy via th search function. This is the official steinberg Support area.

The forum is a complete different system for user discussions and completely independet of Steinberg Support.