How to get rid of X's

In my score, which I imported as xml file, I have a lot of big red X’s. What do they mean and how can I get rid of them?

X is an open time signature. Select the First one, then “Select More”. Then Select More again!

Then delete.

What do you mean with " select more"? On the IPad this function doesn’t exist. There is just this icon with the square and the arrow, which has a similar function. But this doesnt work with the X’ s, that means Dorico doesn’t select more X’s , when you press this button. At least, until now I haven’t found a way to delete these X’ s , beside selecting and deleting them one by one.

The reason those signposts appear is that the MusicXML file you have imported for some reason chose to omit time signatures from one of the staves, and so Dorico is dutifully trying to reproduce that.

If you have an external keyboard connected to your iPad, you can use Select More by typing Shift-Command-A. If you don’t, then you will instead need to activate the Add to Selection button on the secondary toolbar (see here) then tap each of the signposts individually, then delete them.

I don’t have an external keyboard. Can the developers of Dorico for IPad please make all functions accessible without an external keyboard in a future update? It’s the second function, which I found , which isn’t accessible in the menu. The first one was the function to split a flow.