How to get Roland A800pro to control Cubase?

Hi, I have struggled for weeks to try and get my Roland A800pro to control Cubase 6. The keyboard works fine, but none of the controllers work (play, stop, faders, knobs etc). I have tried using the control map settings on the keyboard (i.e. 1, 2 and 3 forCUbase according to the Roland Control Map document) but they seem to do nothing. I also tried to use the ‘Generic Remote’ on Cubase and program it, but this proved futile after following the Cubase Manual instructions (not useful, or clear for that matter in terms of trying to get Cubase to ‘learn’ the different controllers). Anyway, does someone have a clue as how to get the controls to work. BTW the controls work fine on Reason 7.

Thanks to whoever has had the patience and endurance to work this out!! :slight_smile:

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Maybe this could be useful to you?

Thanks for the link, tried their suggestion, but still no success. Roland really make things very complicated!!! :confused:

Roland A800pro works when you choose Mackie control in Cubase

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So you need to follow the advice in the Cakewalk forum that Arjan pointed out (make sure ‘Type’ is set to ‘Control Change’, not ‘Encoder Simulate’ ), but also as WilhelmH pointed out, set it up under Mackie Control in Cubase. But there is one more thing to watch out for: make sure the output you specify in the A-Pro Editor (either 1 or 2) matches the port you set up under the Mackie Control. Then everything should work.

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Just figured out some new things. If you turn off Omni on the A-800, use midi port 2 in the Mackie Control, or, If you want to leave Omni on, use all midi inputs in the Mackie Control dialog. Works for me like that so far. But this is great; in any of the 3 cubase CNTRL MAPS, hit B1 on the A-800 and it chooses the first 8 tracks in the cbase mixer#1, and the A-800 will control the 8 tracks using the S" faders,hit B2, and it will choose the next 8/bank of tracks, B2 again, and choose the next 8/bank too the right, and use B1 to go back to the next 8/bank on the left. That way you can control any channel in mixer #1. You can now hit B4 (flip) on the A-800, and it will control the panning on the cbase mixer, now hit B4 again and it flips back to the volume sliders. Hope this makes sense. If anyone else has any more discoveries on this please post them! :smiley:


Following the suggestions above, are you able to control panning with the R-knobs or just with the faders in flip mode? Also, in Mackie mode, are you able to assign the unused buttons (L4/L7/L9 on the transport section) to other functions like cycle, undo, etc?

I couldn’t get the R-knobs to work in flip or Mackie mode. You can try changing any of the messages using the A-800 editor,(the L’s are assigned to transport controls), but I have no idea what that means for “Flip” mode! The only caveat on panning using the Sliders in “Flip” mode is that it will not go to center, the closest you can get is L1 or R1.
Hope this helps. If you discover anything else please let me know!

Thanks Comsax1 - ugh, that’s pretty disappointing. Actually on the L buttons, I was interested in those specific buttons (L4/7/9) because those appear not to be assigned to anything and usually you can map those to Cubase functions in the device setup. What are their default functions because the manual shows that they’re not assigned.

The l’s are assigned to the transport controls. Just like the full cb transport.