How to get started


can sombody tell me how I can start Cubase 9.
We have recorded some songs with the band, I have imported them to Cubase, then I have saved it, opened it and activated it. But the song doesn’t appear on the screen. What have I missed?

best from Munich


When you say you imported a song, do you mean you:

  1. Converted it to .wav (if needed, using ffmpeg for example) – Cubase doesn’t seem to handle file conversions well, in my experience.
  2. Added it to the Pool using Media > Import Medium…, doing sample rate conversions if appropriate.
  3. Created an empty audio track or two to receive it.
  4. R-clicked on the .wav file name in the Pool window; then Insert into Project… > At Origin

…and yet it didn’t appear in the audio track?