How to get support?

When I go to MySteinberg, I click on My Support and start a new support request.
(or “submit ticket” at bottom of
Clicking on Continue takes me to
THERE IS NO SUPPORT ON THAT PAGE. It’s just a front page.
So I’m stuck.

I don’t think there is any official support available anymore - those links are dead and end up in the front page. Maybe you can get help from one of the users on this forum?

It’s just about constantly getting newsletters about LE, when I have PRO.
I guess only Steinberg can fix that.
I wrote to them about it a few times. No change, no response.

Isn’t it pretty critical that Steinberg support and response is so broken?
Don’t they care or are they so busy it doesn’t matter much?

“those links are dead and end up in the front page”
Well duh that’s what I said :wink:
What do you mean official support isn’t available anymore… they just quit having support without changing the links pointing to support pages?

I love Cubase. But this is not good.