How to get 'support'?

I already created an issue twice: 597220 (8 dec 2023) and 623463 (19 apr 2024)
Both times I got a receive confirmation.
But that’s it. No further reaction.

The issue: My older software was registered on an old email adsress which is going to be obsolete. Still need those licences (Cubase 10Pro, 11Pro, 12Pro)
I want to tranfer those licences to my new email address (where my cubase13Pro upgrade is connected to)

How can I wake up the support guys?

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I like the Cubase program. But steinberg support is really bad. Even to a simple question they do not reply…

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You can change the email associated with your MySteinberg account. Unless I’m misunderstanding you.

I already tried that. Logged in as old user and change my email to the new. Then the system refuses: “This is not a valid email address. Please choose another email address.”
Most likely because that new email address is already taken (by me, but system can’t know that). And I can’t unsubscribe that new email address because that holds my cubase13Pro licence.

So I requested to the support department if they could help me, by merging the old licences to my new address, or in any other way, but they even don’t have the courtesy to reply, let alone help with this simple request.
I’m really disapointed.

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Sometimes some web apps don’t accept certain domains if they are unusual- I have experienced this. Without revealing your email, may I ask what domain you are using? There’s a possibility it is that. [And yet you say you have previously registered that address. Hmm.]

As for Steinberg support, try getting Yamaha in Australia to respond - getting blood out of a stone is easier. I mention this because maybe one day Steinberg will read their forums and wake up about this issue.

The old address is one from an old telecom provider which is going to drop next year. The new one is on my own Dutch .nl domain, hosted by a Dutch hoster. Not a gmail, godaddy, yahoo or other ‘spam’ domain. Both my email addresses are already known and accepted by steinberg as 2 separate accounts, I get their weekly mailings twice. The only action I want them to do is to merge the two accounts.

This is something you can not do yourself. This can only be done by Steinberg Support.

I already figured that. but how can I reach them? I already created 2 support calls in december and april.

Did you try to call them by phone or did you open a ticket?

I assume you are in Netherlands, so the number is here (just in case).