How to get System Text duplicated in Two-Piano music

In a chamber music piece with a number of instruments and with piano at the bottom, you would have the interation of systems texts for the set of instruments thats not the piano, and then for the piano. How do i get these system texts (Tempi and rehearsal markings) to be present in the case of two pianos? since based on how dorico constructed the feature, is of the same instument family?

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I answered on the other thread.

I would like to know what would you do in the case where the instruments are the same (i.e. two pianos)? How can I get the system texts (Tempi and rehearsal markings) to be presented on both?

In that case you would likely have to reproduce the System Text as regular SHIFT+X Text on the second piano.

This is one area where Finale provides a more granular solution. Perhaps one day Dorico will adopt something similar.

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A better approach would be to mark the second piano as soloist from the left panel of Setup mode, then to tell Layout Options> System Object Positions to put System Objects above the first bracket of the Soloist family.