How to get the best sound out of default vst's?

Hello, I am a new user and I was wondering how some of the more experienced users used default vst for drums… Ive been trying to get a good electronic drum sound for house and/or dubstep. the presets on the virtual “pad” have some good drum sounds and some bad. How do I select the buttons on the pad that i find good and move them into another preset. For example: if i like the kick on one preset and the snare on another, how do I get the 2 sounds onto the same pad. and also any recommended tutorials? vst set ups, tips etc? also if someone could point me toward a good dubstep “drop” type preset on a default vst that would help. Thank you.

Hi. I assume you are talking about Groove Agent but your post lacks specificity. You can create your own preset with all the sounds you want, where you want, etc. You may have to drag the sounds directly from Media Bay onto the pads, however. I don’t think you can drag and drop between two different instances with different presets loaded. In the “Plug-in Reference” there are some pretty decent instructions for creating your own presets.
Heres a great video I will share. It’s concepts are generalized between a real synth and a softsynt (there is even a free SQ8L vst out there)

For EDM stuff, just get Fxpansion’s Geist (to use within Cubase or any DAW) and be done with it. :slight_smile:

It’s outrageously useful and unique in what it does. It’s especially suited for the advanced requirements of EDM/house/electro house/dubstep/dnb/trance/techno, etc., production. Better than Groove Agent, anything from Image Line, NI or MOTU, in my humble opinion.

Also look at Fxpansion’s Tremor plugin. Analog modeled drums taken from their award-winning DCAM synth engine. And, it has their equally great DCAM effects built into it (Geist has the DCAM effects as well). Tremor has editing features it shares with Geist, but with some differences. It does not have all of Geist’s features, but does have the unique ability to do polyrhythmic beats. For EDM genres, you’ll find Tremor will get you a great sound, very quickly. No samples libs required, it’s all synthesized. And, you avoid sounding like the latest Vengeance sample pack.

Fxpansion Geist tutorial of MPC style usage (this is a hip-hop style example, but the general concepts apply):

Maybe the most important general tip, ever (more applicable to plugins that model their inputs, which are not most of the stock plugins, but still a must watch general tip) – James Wiltshire on k-metering, gain structure:

How to sidechain the old VST2 / Quad Channel way in Cubase:

How to sidechain using the new channelstrip in Cubase 7’s Console: it’s built in now, no “quad channels” required. click the sidechain button on the channel strip compressor, go to your kick or kick ghost-track and send it to the compressor (7 Skies discusses “ghost kicks” in his video tutorial [further down]).

How to “sidechain” the easy way with the most control (7 Skies gushes about this plugin, in his video, as well. I’ve got it myself and love it):
also, Vengeance Sounds’ Multi-band Sidechain does the same thing plus a few more things:

Wayne Fontaine’s basic EQing concepts for EDM, in Cubase (this is not subtle EQing, but more drastic EQing common for harder-sounding electronic genres):

EDM production tips from a master (in Russian, but overdubbed in English). He uses Cubase, but it could apply to any DAW. he talks about using the default “standard plugins,” but sometimes will share tips that use other, usually inexpensive, plugins:

James Wiltshire on parallel compression (can easily be done in Cubase using two adjacent Group Channels):

Another EDM master, 7 Skies, shares some tips (can easily be applied to Cubase):

The 7 Skies “gated plucks” technique (I’m hearing this effect in many newer U.S.-style dubstep productions, as well):

Free, 4 hour course on EDM production from 7 Skies (I had to sign up (it was free), but it looks like it’s now open even without signing up). It’s all very applicable to Cubase:

Tutorial from a legend, Ken Lewis (credits include Kanye, Eminem, Drake, Fun, Lana Del Rey). Many EDM-friendly tips can be found (even though the production is Urban/Pop):

House super-producer Morgan Page on Pensado’s Place (Pensado’s Place is a must follow for anyone in audio production):

Future Music mag on Mastering (includes tips on Tracking and Mixing as well). Many “how to get good sound” category tips (check out other issues on synthesis, etc.):

Attack magazine - main room house beat programming

To watch while you’re taking a session break, grabbing some food, etc: :slight_smile:

High Tech Soul - The Creation of Techno Music documentary (an interesting watch for anyone serious about House)

Pump Up the Volume Documentary (the history of House music):

Beatport curates what it thinks the 5 best Dubstep (real, UK dubstep) documentaries are:

Finally, I couldn’t resist, since you mentioned “drops.” Beatport has a new campaign / curate-area / chart page called “Biggest Drops.” Lol. :laughing: :unamused:
Tease-worthy as it might be, it may be of inspiration. If for no other reason than to see what Beatport’s internal staff thinks. So, it’s official, the internet now has everything.

Have fun. I have all the DAWs and seem to keep coming back to Cubase.