How to get to the 1st Measure of a Score

I’m brand new to Cubase AI. I used a template to get started with a simple piano score; however, the displayed measure is measure 5. How do I get to measure 1?

Hi and welcome,

Open Project Setup (Shift + S). Maybe the Bar Offset is set here.

The Bar Offset is there. It was set at 0. I was seeing measure 5. When I put the Bar Offset at -4, the displayed starting measure is now 9. I thought I just went the wrong way, but if I set it at 4 then it shows 14. I am supposed to say “Yes” when it asks me if I want to keep the project content at its bar position, right? When I say “No” it doesn’t do anything.

Correction. When I say “No” it doesn’t appear to do anything. I went in and put the Bar Offset to 4 and said “No.” I then close the Score Editor and open it again, and voila, I am now see the 1st measure. Thanks for pointing me in the right direction!