How to get triplet grid in sample editor?

Just installed 6.0.1, in order to try élastique Pro on an old 96 kHz project with at tempo track.

In the project window toolbar the quantizing is set to ”1/8 Triplet” and grid set to ”Use Quantize”, and I got a nice triplet grid, sow now it is quit obvious where the timing problems occur.

The solution is Free Warp, but when I open the Sample Editor, my triplet grid is replaced wit a 1/16 grid making it almost impossible to warp to the right point.

My question is now, is there a way to get triplet grid in the sample editor?

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There have been numberous requests to always show the grid per the project settings, in every audio dialog.

There has also been numberous requests to allow editing of Warp points in the project window, so that you can make minor adjustments to warp points in reference to other material in the project.

So, this is just one more request for these two features PLEASE!!!

Thanks for the replay. I understand you so, that it is not possible to show triplet grid in the Sample Editor.

After traveling the manual for at hidden button, I just read What’s New about Cubase 6 on the Steinberg home page, and that states: “With Cubase 6 you can now adjust the grid of the Project window and MIDI editors to your quantize settings”

So that has to be taken literally, meaning that the Sample Editor is not included? :cry:

Here is the great update news for Cubase 7 :wink:

If it is possible to do in the project window and in the MIDI editor, I shouldn’t be that difficult to do in the Sample Editor.

Or is there still something that I have misunderstand?

I think it must be easier to program into the midi editors as they are, to all intents, already “gridded” due to the timing information they already contain. However, for the Audio side of things where there is no specific info embedded into the track (?) itself then Cubase cannot know which grid to utilise for the audio material until the user has processed it somehow.
It does seem that this would not be an impossible or undesirable feature though. Even so to do it the user would have to input parameters so the program knows which way to jump. Quantisation, tempo, time signature, key etc. (presets?)

I did try and get two editors open so you could maybe reference the other grid but it’s so convoluted it takes more time than necessary to set up.
I had to “park” one editor behind the main project window before moving it out of the way. There must be an easier way. I’m sure there used to be.

If the audio track has a start and end time, and the song as a whole has a tempo set up, then calculating a grid showing triplet’s should be no more difficult on an audio track than on any other.

Grid markers are a function of knowing the tempo of the song, the sample rate of the audio and the zoom level, or length of time being displayed in the editing window (sample editor, project window…whatever).

In other words, if I have a window open thats displaying 1 minute of audio, the tempo is set to 80 bpm, the time sig is 4/4 then the window must be displaying 20 bars. Sub-dividing that down into 1/16’s or 1/8 triplets should be no problem…

Are you sure there is’nt some setup drop down selections on the sample editor window that allow you to define the grid timing?

Are you sure there is’nt some setup drop down selections on the sample editor window that allow you to define the grid timing?

You’d think so but from the usual editor Quantise and grid boxes the settings don’t seem to be applied to the window. Just the whole bar lines. Could be that we’re all missing something and that it’s set like the tempo and time signature in the Tempo track where they are set at the info line.
Though as yet I haven’t checked if the gridlines kick in if the audio material has hit points etc. applied.

The sample editor has a timeline only. The project and MIDI windows have alternate beat grids.
In the project window you get this .

Huge reason why I want transparent events back.

The same event in the sample editor. I want the beat that is to the right of the mouse to be on the triplet. However, that triplet location is somewhere around where the mouse is. I have no way to snap it.

PLEEEEEASE!!! use quantize grid everywhere. PLEEEEEASE return transparent events. PLEEEEASE allow warp markers to move left/right in the project window.

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Would be handy.

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Oh hells ya!

UGH… this is driving me crazy. No way to have a triplet grid in the edit window??/

Boggling isn’t it


+++1,000,000 !!!

Next update must include:

  1. Transparent Events
  2. Triplet Grid in editor
  3. Warp Tabs displayed and movable on Project window

I will use C5 and continue to discourage other professionals from moving to C6 until these are implemented.

Chris, please re-inform your Steinberg peers that the Transparent Events problem is costing them revenue.

Is this going to be addressed any time in the near future? Some people actually might find the triplet grid useful in free warp, but that’s just a hunch . . . :wink:

I still miss them, could be nice

  1. Yes please

  2. Yes please

  3. Believe it or not, based on some communications I’ve had with a mod, they might consider this, but they don’t seem to have a clear “why” in mind. Which just blew me away. I thought it was self evident. Evidently not. But, +1e8945


Would like these too.

Has there been any solution to a triplet grid in sample editor? I’m trying to free warp a couple things to 1/8 note triplets and in the sample editor there is no triplet grid or snap to triplet option. No reference to triplets at all. Using cubase 7.5.2.