How to go to a specific beat in the piece?

In Cubase, I am used to going to the transport bar and selecting what beat I want to go to in the piece, but how do you do that in Dorico?

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You can “go to” various places in Dorico, but not specific beats (I don’t think).

If the playhead is already at a particular place, you can start playback from there which will automatically move the view so that part of the music is shown?

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Two possibilities:

  1. On Mac, select a note or rest at the desired beat in the score or part and press Opt-P to move the playhead to that location. On Windows, you must change the key command which moves the playhead to the selection to something other than Alt-P, which opens the Script menu.

  2. Open the key editor in the lower zone and click in the ruler at the desired beat, which will move the playhead to that location.

You can just select a note and press P to start playback from there.

But it depends what you’re trying to do: triggering playback, or selecting something to edit notation.

I’ve said it before but I really miss being able to navigate to a specific timing point like you can in Cubase. This would be more useful to me than the current ability to go to a specific bar though of course needs vary depending on whether you think more in terms of playback or just the score.

Thanks for suggesting that, I will give it a try.