How to go to selected Track(s) when opening mixer?

My songs sometimes have more than 130 tracks. Is there a way to set it so that when I select certain tracks in my work space, when I open the mixer instead of opening where I last left it, it opens with the selected tracks in view (rather than me having to scroll around to find them…)?

I find this annoying too. Sometimes it scrolls for me and sometimes it doesn’t. Not sure what’s going on really. For a workaround, try hiding the channels you don’t need to see at that point in time. Will make it a lot easier to find the channel you’re looking for.


When the Mixer window is open always, it follows selection from the main window. Unfortunately, when the Mixer is closed, it doesn’t.

I can recommend just to leave the Mixer windows opened. It could be in background, but has to be opened.

Thanks for this advice. I tried it, but it only worked less than half the time. Strange that this is the case. Steinberg seems so on the ball on everything else?

Strange, it works to 100% to me.

I wonder if it works for Mac but not for Windows?

I don’t know.

I’m thinking, what could affected this. Do you use narow or “full size” mix?

Full size.

Go to File / Preferences / Project & Mixer
Activate Scroll to selected ‘channel and track’
Activate ‘Sync Project and Mixer selection’
Press OK

Track or channels now follow eachother fpr all selections either in the track list or channels in the mixer. If the channel does not show when you first open the mixer, press up cursor followed by down cursor.

I already had those chosen, but I think hitting up cursor and down cursor helped (I assumed you meant the up arrow and down arrow on the keyboard?)
Also, not exiting out of the mixer seems to help it work some of the time.