How to go to selection in part from full score

If I select a note in the full score I’d like have Dorico go to that point in the part when I switch to a part view. How can one do that?

Press W?

W in the part takes me back to the full score. I want to have note selected in full, and go to that note in the part. While here, what does ‘counterpart layout’ mean? I have no idea.

W works in both directions.
‘Counterpart layout’ means ‘whichever layout is the opposite’, so if you select something in the part and hit W, it’ll take you to the same object in the score, and if you select something in the score and hit W it’ll take you to the same object in the relevant part.

Thanks. What am I doing wrong.? W alternates the part and full score, but the selection has no effect - either way, I am not taken to where the selection is in the ‘counterpart’.

Andro, you will have to select music - not silence (like rests) for it to work. If the selection of one note does not work, try a whole bar. If you have a score, which is a subset of the “master score” then it might also not work.

I was selecting a single note, not a rest. I tried whole bars, to the same nil effect.

As far as I know my computer has pristine software installed, OS and apps, and I wonder why I am always the one that these normal things don’t work for. :frowning:

It’s a string quarter. Full score, and four standard parts for each instrument. Sure would be great to have this work, as it’s 300 pages worth, and takes a lot of mucking around scrolling to the location of interest in the parts.

Dependent on zoom levels, when you hit W the selected note may not appear on screen. It’s selected; it’s just not visible. The quickest way of getting it on screen is to hit P twice: the first time primes the playhead, the second time pauses playback before it’s actually happened. If you want to leave the playhead where it is, for whatever reason, you could try right arrow followed immediately by left arrow.

I just made a simple string quartet page of two and the W command works fine. So that’s good.

Must be something upset in my full piece.

I deleted and recreated all the parts. Same. However, I just found out what is going on. The note is selected in the corresponding part, but the view does not scroll to the page. So that’s it. With 300 pages, it’s a long way to scroll from early pages to late pages.

So I tried the PP key combo. Works a treat. That will do me.

Most appreciated.

Hitting P twice is the way I quickly get whatever’s selected on to the screen.


I seem to remember Daniel’s mentioning that setting the view percentage to something other than an exact value like 100% or ‘fit height’ helps prevent the display from jumping unexpectedly.