How to group notes?

minor mess here …

first the initial problem. I have this guitar arpeggio MIDI part that consists of 8th notes grouped 2 and 2. I’d like to automatically group them 4 and 4 because it looks better. Is that possible, O score gurus out there?

After searching the PDF and the menus without luck I tried instead to create a Macro:

Add Right
Add Right
Add Right
Group Notes

Should create a group of four notes?
Simple enough?

Now the real problem starts :confused:

To invoke the Macro I assign a Key Command and try it out …

  • A Key Command without the [Shift] key included doesn’t work. The selection moves to the right but nothing happens, no grouping takes place.
  • A Key Command with the [Shift] key includes the original note in the new selection and makes a bastard quintuplet sort of.

I removed the Group Notes part from the Macro and tried both with and without [Shift] in the Key Editor instead and now the selections work as expected.

Does anybody have the time and energy to reproduce?
Thanx a lot!

PS It would make life in the score editor much easier if selecting notes and process them like this worked?

PS This is on a Win7 machine that works like a charm otherwise.

You will kick yourself when you re-read your post, and realize that you have yourself suggested the workaround! :wink:
You say… “the ‘selection’ part of the macro works in the Key Editor” (but is indeed not working correctly in the Score Editor)… so… get the macro to switch you to the Key Editor, make the selection from in there, then switch to the Score Editor, then do the grouping. (in fact, trying it here, I had to include the Grouping command twice, for it to work).
My version of the macro looks like this…

“Grouping 4s”
Edit - Open Key Editor
Navigate - Right
Navigate - Add Right
Navigate - Add Right
Navigate - Add Right
Edit - Open Score Editor
Score Functions - Group Notes
Score Functions - Group Notes

There is another way (depending on other content in the Score… it may not be suitable)… Insert a Time Signature event, and set it to 2/2, and “for Grouping Only” (you’ll then have to Hide the signature itself).

Ugliness! :laughing:
But if it works it works :wink:
I’ll try this later today.
Thanx a lot, vic!

I hope Steinberg stumble over this topic and add it to some list of … “issues”, maybe.
It ought to work without switching editors hehe?

Yes, of course it should! :slight_smile: