How to half the latency of the UR824

First up please forgive if this is obvious to most users.

I purchased a UR824 as a replacement for a Presonus Firestudio as I was suffering from intermittent sound stuttering and Personus had decided that the unit was a Legacy model and were no longer producing drivers or support. Lame!!!

I had been delighted with the UR 824 except for its poor latency performance; about 12-14 ms (at 512samples in the buffer settings) which is just on the cusp of playability for instrument plugins. I had read on this forum that some other users had similar results. Any attempt to lower the buffer setting would result in only minor latency improvements and lots of 'orrible crackling. Anyway it occurred that this might be caused by to many USB devices on the one bus. I installed a separate PCI USB interface and bob’s your uncle I can get the buffer down to 128samples at about 7ms. Even with multiple instruments everything is now solid and playable. Superb.

I love it when poop works.


I can run mine on my laptop (HP elite book) at 64 samples no problem :slight_smile: