How to handle trem. when sound samples should be triggered?

In EW Hollywood Percussion, I assign the symbols “1 stroke”, “2 strokes” and “3 strokes” to different samples of the Ratchet (indicating the speed of the roll). However, when played back by Dorico, the “trem” itself is triggered and a “machine gun” effect is the result.

Is it possible to suppress the standard behaviour of such a symbol?

It’s not, I’m afraid. It’s something that has been requested, but it’s not yet possible. However, if you define your expression map to use tremolo plus your custom playback techniques, that will probably work.

I tried that, before and now again. But I cannot get it to work in a Percussion Map. Would there by any chance be a difference between Expression Maps and Percussion Maps in that regard?

I blanked on the fact you’re looking at a percussion instrument here. I’ll need to look into this in more detail to remind myself (Dorico does so much stuff now that I struggle to remember every nook and cranny) but I think the intention is that Dorico shouldn’t trigger the “MIDI” tremolo if you have defined a different playback technique in the Edit Percussion Playing Techniques dialog.

Yes, indeed! Dorico is doing absolutely mind-blowing stuff! Amazing! – I include my Dorico file (I am learning all that percussion notation things here in one place, but the instrument in question would be “Ratchet” by EW Hollywood Orchestra). Thank you!

EW Perc in Dorico (no VEP7).dorico (793.3 KB)