how to handle "windows" out of screen borders ?!!

this thing is very annoying and drives me crazy all the time.
very often i think cubase is stuck when i close project or confirm something with dialog window that pups out, but it turns out that i miss the dialog window (or small plugin UI as tuner) because its somewhere out of screen borders and i see only a small part of it and i cant even drag it and use it. its just stucked there.
for now i use the cubic blender program to make it appear in center of screen,
how can i overcome and fix this…?!

What system?

“SheepDog is a free utility for repositioning off-screen windows.”

i’m using this one.

windows 7 64bit laptop and desktop setup with 2 screens.

thanks, for now im using cubics blender and it makes a good job for other things too,
i guess its a windows system that behave like that with “on top” windows, just thought it can be avoided from the first place to not deal with it at all cuz sometimes u dont even know its out of screen.

Click on the window or the little part you can see that it gets focus. Then press alt-space. Then you see a cross as cursor. Now you can use the cursor keys to (up, right, down, left) to move the window around and set it to another place by pressing the return key.

mm thanks// ill try it next time it happens. to many windows tricks to know and remember :ugeek:

I used to get this problem all the time and it was finally and completely solved with a beta update of nvidia video drivers last year.

Might be worth trying any alternative driver if you can…either an update or an older version if you’re already using the latest.