How to have a different playback volume for your VST instruments?

I am using a piano VST instrument with Cubase and my piano part I recorded plays back very lound in the mix so I want to turn it down but the problem I have is that then when I want to play a new part the piano is too soft because I had to lower it to fit in the mix. Is there a way to leave the playback volume at a different setting to the midi that is already recorded? This way, the midi I recorded can be at one level and then when I am playing back or recording new parts I can have another level without having to change the level back and forth. I am sure the anwser must be simple but I can’t figure it out.

Thank you


You can decrease the Velocity of already recorded MIDI Notes.

Hi Martin. Velocity is not the same as volume is it?

There are a few ways to do this:

  • Make two identical instrument tracks.
  • Set both to monitor mode (so you hear what you are recording through both.)
  • Record Enable only one track (the one you are actually using for the level in the mix)
  • This means you’ll hear both when recording but will record (and playback) only on the track that you intend t use in the mix

Or (similar)

  • Make two identical instrument tracks.
  • Record on one which is set louder
  • Simply move the MIDI part to the one which is used in the mix


  • Use just one instrument track
  • Make a small macro to toggle increase / decrease level (by a certain amount) on a selected track.
  • This can then be called with Key Command


  • Put your Paino track into (L) Listen mode
  • This will dim the volume of all other tracks
  • You can set how much Listen Dims
  • Turn off Listen mode when done recording

Others may have more inventive (or even simpler) ways…


Listen mode is probably the easiest way, once set up.

Else, if Control Room isn’t available in the Cubase edition, another option would be to create an additional FX track with no plugin on it. Then send from the original VSTi track to that FX track, setting it pre fader and adjust to taste.
When done recording, simply bypass the send.

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Hi @attaboy_jhb if any of my solutions worked for you, please mark as solution. Thanks. :slight_smile:

Hi Phil. Listen mode does not work for me. I had to activate control room and I admit that I have never used it before but wanted to give it a try. That said, I activated L on my piano track but it did nothing at all so not sure if I am doing something wrong?

here is a pic of my mixer, you will see L activated on the Addictive Keys track

One last thing. Your solutions inbolve instrument tracks but I am using midi tracks, does this change anything?