How to Have C6 and System Audio Volume The Same?

I don’t have a fancy system in terms of audio out - just a simple workhorse M-Audio Audiophile card and I use analog, not digital audio out. Every time I fire up my Cubase and scrub or play anything in the projects, it’s so freakin’ loud compared to any other program I use on my Win7 PC, including my Sony Vegas Pro NLE (video and audio editor) – I have to dive for the transport volume slider or turn my speakers down almost to off for I don’t want to blow them. The Cubase transport volume is set at its default “75%” position upon project launches.

I’m guessing this is a very basic setup issue:

Q: How do I make Cubase be essentially “normalized” to match everything else I play on my system? Not just per-project, but on a global basis so that any and all projects work this way.

Please advise.

Use the control room, the control room volume is stored globally and not on a per project basis.

Thanks much, Split, I hooked it up. Got this one glitch that started happening – playing track when it just stops and progress line/cursor disappears. I was connecting the Control Room while listening to the track so maybe just pass-through hiccup. I’ll try again on system reboot. But at least I have a way to try to pretty much match Cubase’s global audio close to those of the global system level.

BTW, cool avatar – very smooth – can’t even tell it’s a GIF loop (I used to a graphic designer etc. and do video creation and production stuff so I notice those minute detail things. :slight_smile: