How to have multiple Takes follow its Stacked Part (as one unit) in Shuffle mode

Hi! When I have multiple single (not stacked) midi Parts on an instrument track lay across the timeline and I re-order the different Part in SHUFFLE Mode, all the Parts get Shuffled correctly. For example I have Part A B C D and i drag Part D in front of B, Part B and C shift to the right and now I have A D B C so far so good. But when the midi Part has Stacked Takes and I re-order Stacked Part, the main Part gets shuffled correctly but the Takes under it get out order and don’t follow the main Part. The only time all the Takes under a stacked Part moves with the Part as a single unit is when I’m not in SHUFFLE mode.
I’d tried grouping the Takes to the main Part but that doesn’t work.
Is there a way to have all the Takes stick to the main stacked Part without the Takes getting SHUFFLED out of order on their own when re-ordering Stacked midi Parts in SHUFFLE Mode. I’d like the multiple Takes within a Stacked Part stay with the Part when re-ordering Parts similar to Logic Pro or Studio One, all the Takes get moved as a unit no matter if you’re in SHUFFLE mode or not.
Thank you!