How to have/program/add a Continuous Knob in MIDI Remote

So I am trying to make a rough approximation of one of my midi controllers (korg nanoKONTOL Studio) that Cubase Pro 12 does not have a script for.

One of the features I use a lot is a Continuous scrub/jog wheel which allows me to move the playback cursor back and forwards whether play is enguaged or not.

I have spent the last two hours going through every single item in the MIDI Remote Functions Browser and while it does indeed list “Scrub Tool” when correctly applied to the knob I have added in MIDI Remote, it does not work.

The Jog/Scrub wheel does work in Cubase Pro 11 and below is a screen grab of its default settings from Korgs KONTROL Editor. If this works in Pro 11 then it must work in Pro 12.

Any suggestions please?

do you have a screenshot of the MIDI remote functions set up?

Hi owenc

Do you mean the interface I have built in MIDI Remote or the list of mappings in Mapping assistant?

I have nothing currently mapped to the knob that I want to be continuous / scrub as I could not find a way of getting to scrub but most of the other controls are mapped, 43 buttons, 8 faders and 8 rotary pots above each fader…

This is also a problem I’m having (I assume they were asking about the MIDI remote rather than the Korg setup page).

I’ve seen no options for a shuttle / jog / scroll / scrub that can be applied in the mappings.
Also getting pan controls to behave on continuous controllers seems problematic, they seem to only move to pan hard left or just off centre. Plus no LED ring lights etc

I assume this is something which can be programmed in the API, but without learning how to code java overnight I’m struggling.

Thing is, I can load a generic remote, or MCU and I can instantly get the jog wheel and other things working.

Plus I might add, things like fader operation is pretty jumpy compared to the MCU which are pretty smooth operation.

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having the same issue trying to assign a midi knob so I can scroll the cursor left and right. really frustrating.