How to hide a red marker?

Please help! How do you hide a red marker? I am not sure what they exactly called. I cannot remove a metronome mark behind it.

Screen Shot 2018-11-10 at 10.30.30 PM.png

It’s a signpost. You can show or hide signposts from the View menu. It may be helpful to assign a custom key command if you change this viewing option often; I assigned it to F10, since F11 is the full screen command.

If you want to click on an item but you find Dorico is selecting a different item on top of it, try Alt-Shift-click! Thanks to Marc for this tip. Very handy.

Great! Thank you, very much! :slight_smile:

Dear siniavski,
One trick that could actually help you when you have to deal with cluttered elements is shift-alt-click : if you do that repeatedly on the same spot, you’ll notice the selection will change everytime, and hopefully will be the one you need quite fast. Very useful with signposts getting in the way, or to select a textframe in a masterpage editor where the frames usually collapse…

Thank you!