How to hide a staff in combination with Chords


How can I hide a staff, that’s really empty, but gets chords attached to it.
In this example I’m using the Honky Tonk Piano to sound the chords using the chords track and its playback feature. The chords track is routed to the honky tonk player:

But I don’t want to have the honky tonk staff in the layout…
When I delete the chords, the staff disappears alright, but when I re-enter the chords on the trumpet track, the honky tonk re-appears :thinking: :grimacing:

Am I missing something here ?

In setup mode, left panel, alt-click the honky-tonk player>Chords Symbols>Hide for every instrument (that player is holding). Done.
Or in Layout options>Chords>Show above top staff. Done.

Note that you’re not using the chord track as is supposed to be. You don’t have to create a Honky tonk player at all. Instead, go to play mode, and next to the chord track there’s a little loudspeaker icon. Click on it to make the Chord track sound. Select the Chord track lane and with the VSTi picker, give it a honky tonk piano sound, and now your chords will play but won’t appear as a player in your score.


yay !! That works…
There are so many places that things can be configured :crazy_face: I hadn’t found this one (yet) :roll_eyes:

Thank you :grin:

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I’ve edited my first answer, you should read it :wink:

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Gonna try that :slight_smile:
I had understood that there has to be a routing to an existing player… apparently I misunderstood :slight_smile:
Dorico is quite complex, and it takes time to learn it…

I changed the playback template to NotePerformer, and the accompanying honky tonk piano disappeared, and I have no idea how to get it back without adding the extra player because I see no way of adding an instrument to NotePerformer. It had one midi-track, so I added one, but how do I assign an instrument in that second slot ?

You could use a honky tonk piano from HSSE, add one HSSE or Halion 7 instance in the VST rack, then route the chord track to it…