How to hide a staff, only in the score (engrave mode)

I would like to hide one of my percussion staves that is redundant. It was created to address few players and to be covered by less personnel if needed. I would like to hide the second Piatti part . Is this possible?

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See here:

Thanks for the reply, I appreciate this. I did try by going to EDIT>Notations>Staff>Manual Staff Visibility… However, it only allows one to hide the full player and not the hand held instrument stave. Am I missing something?


If those instruments are all part of a single percussion kit that is shown using the Individual instruments presentation type (as specified on the Players page of Layout Options) you won’t be able to hide them independently. You’d need to remove the instrument from the kit to make it appear separately in the Manual Staff Visibility dialog.

I see. This might be nice ( in future versions of Dorico) to have the option as a hide override for the percussion staff in this type of situation. Otherwise, I would think it could confuse things further as a work around to have an additional stave in one’s score that floats outside of the players hand held instruments.

Thanks again for your help, much appreciated.