How to hide all tracks EXCEPT tracks with automation?

I believe there are commands to show & hide automation tracks. However, I want to hide all the non-automation tracks and leave visible only the tracks with automation data. I haven’t been able to identify a key command nor a PLE preset that does this. Any ideas? Merci.


This is tricky… I expect you want to keep visible the parent Audio/Instrument track + the Automation track, right? You are not talking about Group/FX Chanels with an automation, right?

If you would search for any track type but the automation, then Cubase would find the parent Audio/Instrument track, find out this is not an automation and hide it. Then Cubase cannot find the automation children tracks.

The only way how to reach the Parent object is to use the:
Property | Property is set | Parent Object is Selected

But this one doesn’t help to your use case.

And you cannot work with the Parent Objects in the Actions area.

I’m afraid this is not possible (if I’m not missing something).

Of course, you can use the Show Tracks with Data Visibility Agent, but this will show other track types too.

Hi Martin,
At this time and for this project, all the automation are on a Group channel. I do not need to see the audio nor instrument tracks associated with the automation. I would like to run a command (or click a button) and hide everything EXCEPT the automation. (And, of course, be able to show all when I went to revert back to my full mix.) I haven’t found a way to do this. Thanks!


Then you can go for a Macro with 2 steps.

  1. PLE
Media Type is | Unequal | Group

Track Operation | Hide | Enable
  1. Track Visibility Agent > Show Tracks with Data.

Hi Martin,
Merci for the 2-step technique. However, something is not working on my system related to the second part (Track Visibility command). All the remaining group tracks are visible EXCEPT for those with automation; they become hidden. I checked my Preferences just in case, but couldn’t identify anything wrong. Any ideas what the issue might be? Cheers.


I’m sorry, I haven’t tested it.

1st step should hide all tracks but the Group.
2nd step should show tracks with data. The question is, if it hides the other tracks, or how does it really work in the background. :thinking: