How to hide gradual tempo changes

Hello all,

I’m using in the score a lot of gradual tempo changes to give the right “rubato” tempo to my song, but only few of them deserve a real place in the final score, while the others should be hidden.

How can I hide a gradual tempo change? The only way I’ve found is set its coloraturas to white, but this will not really “remove” the mark from the score, leaving the space used.


If you only want to change playback, you can draw in tempo changes in the Time track in Play mode - they won’t appear in the score.

Yes, I know, but I prefer something attached to the notation, something that goes from one note to another one.

The tempos you create in Play mode are of course attached to the notation in just the same way as tempos you add in Write mode, they merely don’t show in Write mode. But you can also use the Properties panel to hide tempos that have been created in Write mode. There’s no single “hide” property, but you can tell Dorico not to show any text or any metronome marks, and that will effectively hide the tempo and produce a signpost.

Dear Daniel,
As far as I know, the behavior you’re describing is the absolute tempo one, which is not valid for gradual tempo. This is a strange discrepancy I’ve stumbled upon sometimes, there’s no hide property for any gradual tempo, Lillie’s method seems to be the only way.

I agree with Marc.

I think it would be nice to have one (or both) of the following:

  • The possibility to hide/show the gradual tempo marks (with signposts when hidden);
  • The possibility to convert selected gradual/absolute tempos into a pure play-mode data.

The last would allow me to file the score with all the tempo marks I need and then “clean-up” the score maintaining the play effect.

And, anyway, for my impelling need of producing a clean copy of the score, I will do a copy of it to clean up.

You can in fact make a gradual tempo appear as a signpost if you need to. Set its ‘Text’ property to an empty string or a string consisting only of spaces, and set ‘Gradual style’ to ‘rit.’, which shows no continuation line.

Thanks Daniel! It might seem an obvious solution, but it didn’t cross my mind!