How to hide key signature change at the end of a system?


in my project i have a key signature change on the first bar of a new system.
Just after the last bar of the previous system the key signature change is introduced.
That is normally the wanted behavior, but in this case (an harmony course exercise) I would like to hide it.
Is it possible? How?

Pivot (293 KB)


if you use a new flow for every scale, you will not have the cautionary key signatures at the end of the systems.

If you decide to use multiple flows for your exercises (which I would recommend), you may want to set the option in the ‘Flows’ section of the Page Setup page of Layout Options to allow new flows to start on the same page, rather than always starting a new page.

Thank you very much, I’ll do it.

I’ve done it and now it looks good, but I’ve incurred in another problem.

For one of the flows I’ve decided to use 2 instruments (the 2nd is a duplicate of the first one), so that a bracket appear joining them. In the first one I’ve placed the notes of the 7 chords for pertaining to B key, in the second one the notes of the chords of the Cb key. Now I would like to have the 5 sharps of the B key signature on the first instrument and the 7 flats of the Cb key signature on the second instrument. Is that possible (I was unable to do it)?

Thank you in advance for the help.

Select the bottom staff. Press shift-K to create a key signature. Type Cb in the popover box, then press Alt-Enter.

Alt-Enter creates the key signature on one staff only.

Thank you very much