How to "hide" one midi part in the key editor when editing multiple parts?

I am really loving the feature in Cubase where you can edit two seperate midi parts in one window. Right now my key editor has got two midi parts and the “Currently edited part” helps me by allowing me to edit only one of the parts without making changes to the other part. This is a great feature but when I have midi events layered over other midi events it is difficult for me to see what is going on. So is it possible to hide the one part while editing one of the parts without closing the window and opening only the one part in a new key editor?

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You don’t have to close the editor, but you need to deselect the unwanted MIDI Part. So if you are using the Key Editor in the Lower Zone, you can just desert the MIDI Part in the Arranger area. If you are using the Key Editor in the window, you can just switch to the Project window and deselect it. Unfortunately you cannot do this in the Key Editor itself.

I recommend to set the colors in the Key Editor to the Part color (not the Velocity). Then if every MIDI Part has different color, it’s easier to keep the overview.

Hi Martin. I am using the key editor on its own window on a seperate monitor and I tried your suggestion. Coloring the part is not possible because actually I have “Setup” greyed out and I am not able to color the parts as I would like. They are just white at the moment. Do you know why?

Also, as I said, I have the key editor on a different monitor in its own window. You said I should deselect the part in the project window but how can I do this? When I select one of the parts in the project window and hit enter, it is the same thing as using “currently edited part” in my key editor. The events from the other part that I don’t want to see are not hidden.


The MIDI Notes inherit the color of the MIDI Part from the Project window. So it seems, all your MIDI Parts are white in the Project window.

This option is available for the Grid Match options, for example.

Hold down Shift and click to the MIDI Part you want to deselect in the Project window. All other MIDI Parts remain selected and you can still see their content in the Key Editor.

Thank you, The colors are white in the project window so that is why I was only getting white in the key editor so that explains it. However, I am still not getting what I want in the key editor by holding “shift” + click. It does deselect the midi part in the project window but this does not change anything in my key editor. I can still see midi events from both parts in my key editor. I would like to only see the midi events of the one part I have selected in my project window. Up until now, the only way to show the events from one part is by actually closing the key editor and clicking again in the project window to reopen a new key editor window for that part.

Which Cubase version are you using?

Hello! Thanks for your reply. I am using Cubase 10.5. Is what I am looking for only in the new version?

Unfortunately I no longer have version 10.5 on my computer, but with version 11 (and 12) the behavior is exactly as described by Martin. I don’t remember that version 10.5. was different.

Color the MIDI tracks differently and/or set the outputs to different MIDI channels. How does it look in the key editor?
In the Key Editor there are many options for coloring the MIDI events. E.g. also by MIDI channels. When everything is displayed in white, it is indeed difficult to treat the overview!

Thank you. I have colored them differently and that is very helpful but I still may need to work on one part for a small section or when there is a lot of midi data. I can always close the key editor and reopen just the one I want to work on but it would be much better to just stay in the same window.


There is a button in the key editor that prevents you from editing any notes outside of the selected midi part. This allows you to only edit the currently selected part while still seeing notes in other parts. Does this help your cause?

Yes thank you. I am aware of the “Currently Edited Part” button in the key editor and this is very helpful but sometimes the midi events look cluttered so it would be easier to see what was going on by temporarily hiding the other midi events from the other midi part. To do this, I need to close the key editor and reopen it with just the single part and then reopen both parts again together to get back to dual editing of both parts. This is not what I want. I want to do the editing without reopening and reopening again.

I would love to have such a feature!

Yes, like a list of parts/tracks displayed in the editor, where with one click you choose the part/track you want to see/not see… just a thought!

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