How to hide selected Channels in the mix console?

The function to hide channels does not work.

It does work here, without issue : are you sure that some channels are actually selected ? It’s not clearly visible in your kaleidoscopic mixer settings…

You can also use the Visibility settings in the Left Zone.

Does it work as intended on channels that are not locked to the left or right zones?
Do you have visibility synced between Project and Mix console?

Yes it does, it looks like the issue occurs once the tracks are locked to the left or right zone.


It works as specified.

Docked tracks are still visible if I select hide. it only works correctly on centered tracks.

do you have your tracks docked to the left or right zones? This happens only if the tracks are assigned to left or right zone.

Selected two channels here and chose to show only selected channels only the channels in the midle were removed but not the docked ones @Martin.Jirsak @cubic13

If on the left one, indeed, there is an issue when applying the Hide Selected Channels command, in this case. It works perfectly as long as given channels are in the Default Channel Position, but after this…

OTOH, the selection(s) done in the Visibility pannel works in all cases, AFAICS.

I tried to find an entry in the manual where it said that channels that are locked to left/right zones are excluded from these functions, but I couldn’t find such a statement.

PS. I personally prefer it the way it is.


I did the same with the same result. But I remember it has been discussed on the forum already.

So was there an attempt to fix this as this was already discussed not sure what is the statement on this.

Then I would say that it does not work as specified. The manual being the specification.
Perhaps the manual just need updating.


Not really. The manual describes the behaviour.

But the behavior does not match the description! Either the manual is wrong or the program.

I am sorry it doesn’t, “show only selected channels” should hide all other channel incl the docked to the sides.

Perhaps the solution to this should be dock and lock? As for my understaning docking feature serves as location when scroling between tracks but when I select show only selected track that doesn’t mean I want to see all the docked tracks at this time maybe only the ones I would choose to lock…


The philosophy of the Left/Right Zones is to have space for tracks I always want to see.

Thats great, however I have noticed you have changed the title of my post to a question. Guys, I am not sure what is your exact relationship with Steinberg here, if you are employes or just volounters. I know @steve is not an emplyee. The forum looks to be official Steinberg. I would like to remind you we are users who paid for the software and it was not cheap and they do not come with free lifetime updates like FL Studio does. I do not appreciate you guys modyfying and closing my posts without fundamental reasons that you can back up with proof. This post is not a guestion and it had an issue tag attached and rightfully so. Please change the title back to the way it was with the tag and do not modify or close my posts unless there is a real breach of community rulles from my side. Otherwise you are abusing your privilages and you have no right to do it…

We’re all users here @Voxango , Steinberg staff you can tell apart because they have a little steinberg logo in their avatar picture.

Regarding the topic… I’m not sure how to feel. On the one hand, you can consider visibility agents to be completely independent, a filter that applies to anything the mixconsole and shows or hides anything. In that case, it’s unexpected behavior. Sometimes, I feel exactly like that, because I have Mixconsole 1 permanently open on a second screen, and I feel that “I’m going to use the left and right zones real quick to re-arrange those channels”. But, to be fair, what I should do instead is use one of the other 3 mixconsoles available if a certain pattern of organization begins to form. I would have even more freedom then with visiblity agents and such. But it’s a semi-conscious decision, so that I don’t have to mess with managing another window.

But, on the other hand, if you consider the left and right zones safe spaces where nothing can affect the visibility of what’s put there, it’s expected behavior. (e.g. you are tracking 4 microphones, you pin the inputs to the left, you pin the groups/fx/whatevers on the right, and you apply visibility agents to the middle as you see fit)

But I like discussing stuff like this one. Steinberg read the forums, so if a discussion is good it could give them ideas, even if we don’t reach a final conclusion.