How to hide this filtering popup?

How can I get rid of this filter UI element (screenshot) ? It’s floating there and is persistent even if I reload my project (this project only).


You’re in Galley view. If you go to ‘View’ and deselect ‘instrument filter overlay’ it will go away.

Thank you. I don’t see this option in View options. Is it present only in the desktop version ? I’m on iPad so my guess is that I must have hit the shortcut that enables this overlay…

Oh. Sorry. I will check my iPad momentarily to see how to dismiss this…

There doesn’t seem to be a way of hiding the filter overlay in the iPad version. There’s no entry in the iPad Dorico manual that I can find.

Thank you @tbabcock123 for putting a name on that feature, I was able to find it in the keyboard shortcuts dialog and add a shortcut to it and dismiss it using an external keyboard.