How to I update from 8.5 to 9?

I recently bought 8.5 a few months ago but I cant find a decent way to update to 9. Why is this? Can anyone help me out please!

You need to give a little more detail about the problem you are having. What version of Cubase 8.5 do you have? Is it activated? Is it a problem accessing the Steinberg shop website that sells it?

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allow me to chime in here since I don’t want to open a new thread just for this :slight_smile: : is the round number to .5 upgrade usually free? Like 8 to 8.5?


I have the Pro version and it is activated

Then is there there a problem with the top link that Prock provided?

That’s the correct link as far as I can see. You just click to say you currently have 8.5 and the upgrade price will show. (£80 for me in the UK, €99 for the rest of Europe I think, not sure of other regions).

So what issue are you having? Just click on the “Pro” link and purchase it for $99.99. After that you will receive an email with an activation code that will allow you to install it from your"MySteinberg account at your convenience.

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If you activated Cubase 8.5 on Oct 26th or later and it was brand new (never activated before) then you can get a free upgrade.

If you activated it before this date you have to buy the upgrade as already posted.

If you have some other problem… as Prock said in post one

you need to give a little more detail about the problem you are having.

Ok thanks guys I know enough! :slight_smile: I do have mixed feelings about that grace period, if I activated it 2 weeks later I would have saved 100 euros :frowning: Also, if I pay 100 euros to update, would that mean I would have to pay 100 again if I want to update to another one in the future? (say cubase 9.5/10)

.5 updates are usually 50 euro, .5 to next full is 100 euro or 150 euro if you skipped the .5.

If you are patient and can live without the latest features, you can take advantage of Grace periods in any year to save money…so for example you stay on 8.5 now, buy 9.5 in November and you’d get then 10 for free in Dec.

This is assuming the release schedule stays similar to the last few years of course.

Very good to know Grim! I did saw Cubase 9 has an integrated sampler whicch I hugely miss in Cubase 8.5. 100 euros for one update is a large amount of money though imo given other DAWs upgrades are usually free after you bought the full version.

Other daw’s being ?
I can only think of FL-studio.

Groove agent SE is a very powerful sampler, integrated into 8.5.

One good thing about the upgrades is if you don´t believe they are worth the money you don´t have to buy them. The version you already own will still work fine.