How to implement a new percussion instrument into Dorico

I want to use a puili stick in an orchestral composition, but Dorico does not have it in its list of perc. instruments. Is it possible for me to list it in Dorico, myself? And if so, how?
Also, how can I specify which beaters I would like to have used?

Your best bet is probably to choose another unpitched percussion instrument that you’ll never* use, and rename/edit it to use.

I think there is a way to hack your files so that there is a custom instrument (without modifying default instruments) but a better man will have to explain how to do it.

*I don’t take responsibility for any re-percussions.

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If it’s just for one single piece: Yes, use whatever other instrument works about the same (in terms of 1-line-staff vs. 5-line-staff, piched vs. unpitched etc.) and rename it to your new instrument.

Thank you @DanielMuzMurray and @Estigy ! That is what I also have come up with. I took an instrument from the list which sounded somewhat similar and chose that. I have tried to simply rename it. What I often find with renaming the instrument is that Dorico has its own notions about that. To completely erase the default name and override it with my own label seem not possible.
Am I missing something here?

It’s very easy to do change the name of an instrument in a project. It’s “very” hard to change the name in the menu. To do this, you would have to edit the programs files.

If you do change the name in a project, I have a feeling that you could import that flow into a new project and the new (custom) instrument will be added as a new player.

Thank you @DanielMuzMurray ! I looked at the link you sent me, and it is the exact procedure I have tried out for changing instrument names. But it does not necessarily effect the actual staff label. :thinking:

What is this set to?