how to implement dashed line across instruments and staves?


I’m trying to figure out how to implement this composer’s innovative way of notating melody transferring between instruments across staves, using a dashed line connecting the staves. Any ideas?

figured out a hacky solution that works brilliantly. I just slur to a note near it, then in engrave, I make the slur a straight line, convert to dashed, make the end and middle thickness the same and voila, dashed line between notes.

I’ve often seen undashed lines used the same way. Why are dashed lines “innovative”?

…because dorico doesn’t support it by default, or at least not as untuitively as other things :wink:

The piece I entered was written in 1975, so I’m not claiming it was invented any time recently, just trying to explain that it isn’t some standard notational thing I’m doing wrong like a tenuto sign.