How to import a Sys.Ex file in Cubase 5 ?

I need to send a Sys.Ex to my Nova System

I’ve got the Sys.Ex file From TC Electronic Web Site and now I must import it in a Cubase track (I suppose) then I run Cubase tranport to send this Sys.Ex through my Midi interface to the right device.

But I don’t know how to import this Sys.Ex file in Cubase I don’t see the right extension in the menu File / import

Can you help me ?

All the best

Have you tried dragging it onto a midi track?

I have no problem importing MIDI file with File | Import | MIDI file no matter what the filename extension is. Just have to select “All Files (.)” as file type in File Open dialog.

Drag’n’drop to MIDI track does not work with arbitrary extensions, though.

This in Cubase4/WinXP.

BTW. Why don’t you just rename the file to something.mid?

You can’t drag and drop a file with extension Sys.Ex to a midi track.
I was told to open a midi track and create an event in the event list and select first (Sys.Ex event)
Then you clik on the line of the event under comment and it opens dialog box in which you can import your file Sys.Ex.
After don’t forget to cancel the event you create before (if you can)
Then you run Cubase to send the Sys.Ex to your right device but it doesn’t work properly all times because you send too much data in a very short time so I discover a free soft named Midi-OX and it works really good to do this job better than Cubase