how to import Avid Media composer markers from AAF?

hi guys,
we work with Media composer editors who tend to leave notes for audio as markers on A1 track in AAF file. Is there some quick way to import those markers into Nuendo project without Pro tools as marker translator?

Yes and maybe no, I dont think in the AAF itself, but as markers.
I am not 100% sure of how it is done in the MC but export the markers as a list/EDL and import as csv/EDL to Nuendo.

Have them export the markers from the marker window in MC.

Also, you can only export the markers as a text or XML.
But it’s in the fast menu, tell them to export them via the hamburger in the markers window, they’ll know what you mean.

thank you!
I was hoping for some simple solution that doesn’t envolve video editors ,but this have to work.

Yeah it’s unfortunate. Luckily however, it’s 2 clicks of a mouse! Then you can sort the info yourself.

I haven’t tried it in Vordio or AAT. Worth giving it a go if you have either of those.
I know the dev of Vordio. Might reach out to him, that’s a good feature request.

if any of those tools have marker export as a feature I propably purchase it.
to be honest I’m tired explaining to editors:
'"I’m not on Pro tools, yes Nuendo is as good as “Pro Tools, no it can’t read markers from Avid MC”.

thanks for the hint. will check format converts for this feature.


I’ll ask, sure they would like the sale. Usually I State the reason for wanting a market export “Is so I can edit the markers before I bring them in, Incase there is anything I want to highlight or change/add before import. i.e. comments, etc etc.

I’ve never had an issue. I mean… it’s 2 clicks! Lol