How to import custom fonts?

hi, I’ve searched the forum for similar threads but couldn’t find any

wonder how to import custom fonts to Dorico? both text and music (note) fonts

I tried downloading a serif style font and pasted the file to Dorico’s fonts folder (it’s an opentype file while the rest where truetype , not sure what does that mean) but the font did not appear when I restarted Dorico to choose it from the font list. Not sure why that doesn’t work. Same about music fonts, where should I put 3rd party files so Dorico can read them?

a btw suggestion, Dorico desperately needs a SEARCH options for the font list… it is very long and to get to something I need at the bottom of the list for every other object is tedious. It would be also ideal for a way to see how the font looks before commiting to basically knowhow to fonts in the font list look like. The best suggestion would be is upon hovering above a font from the umenu the highlighted text will change to that font , and will only keep it if you commit a right click. another option is to put some example letters in said font right next to each one similar to Microsoft Word.


Text and music fonts should be recognized automatically if installed properly on your computer.
Text fonts should just be installed regularly.
Music fonts will be installed as Text fonts, but have an additional .json file, which needs to be located in a designated folder depending on your OS.
Usually when you buy this font there will be a tutorial. I have also seen a discussion in this forum.

Install the fonts into your Operating System’s folder for fonts, as you would for any other font.

In the Font Style drop-down list, you can type letters of the item you want. So typing L Y to select the Lyric Font, and then in the Font list, type G A to get to Garamond, or M Y to get to Myriad.

I see… so all fonts to Windows>Fonts folder (including music ones) thank you muchly :slight_smile: