How to import key commands from 7.5 to 9

I can’t import key commands from cubase 7.5 to 9. Have a message “this is not a key commands file” , but it is xml file with key commands and
cubase 7.5 import it!
Any advices ?


Actually this function his here for importing Key Commands of very old Cubase versions. Current versions import the whole Preferences settings (with Key Commands), if you upgrade <= 2 versions back. Do your preferences & Key Commands should be imported to Cubase 9 automatically.

If this is not true, copy the Key Commads.xml file from the Cubase 7.5 Preferences folder to Cubase 9 Preferences folder manually, please.

Thanks. It’s strange. I had preset of key commands with different name and it worked on cubase 7.5. I tryed to change name as a “Key Commands.xml” and coppy to preferences folder of cubase 9, but it failed (not works). So I had to save new preset in cubase 7.5 with with tipical name “Key Commands” and it was saved in main folder of preferences (not in folder presets -> KeyCommands) So finally I imported this preset to C9 and it works.