How to import keycommand file in Cubase 12 (Mac)

Hello everyone,
I have read several posts on the subject but still no solution for me.
I’m trying to import my Cubase shortcuts (.xml file), but I can’t find an “import key command file” function as indicated in the instructions. And when I manually import the .xml folder into User > Library > Preference > Cubase 12 and restart the DAW, Cubase does not recognize the file.

Do you have the solution?


Cubase version : 12.0.70
Mac version : Ventura 13.6.4


The import option in Cubase was for the very old Cubase preferences. Nowadays, Cubase is using the Key Command.xml file. It seems, your file is named differently. If you want to use these Key Commands, rename the file (while Cubase is not running), please.

Hi @Martin.Jirsak, thanks for your answer. But i still have a Key Commands.xml
it’s not possible to have several different shortcut files ? I have to overwrite the Key command.xml file for the new one?


No, this is not possible, sorry.


It doesn’t seems to work for me, i rename my file Key Commande.xml, I restart Cubase, but I don’t have my short cut, and here is the screenshot of shortcut’s menu (see picture)


  • First quit Cubase.
  • Then rename your original Key Commands.xml file.
  • Then rename your custon file to the Key Commands.xml.
  • Then start Cubase.
    => You should have your custom Key Commands available.

I follow your instruction but still not work


From where and how did you get the XML file, please?

2 weeks ago, I just cliking the button “save preset” in my shortcut menu. I searched through the forums where to find this file, I’m not 100% sure, but I think I found it in User > Library > Preference > Cubase 12


I see. Do you still have the other (old/previous) Cubase system available?

No, I made a total reset of my system and re-install cubase next