How to import midi file to a selected instrument track

Hi, I have the exact same question of this 10 years old post which is now closed.

Here it is:

Is it Possible to Import a MIDI-file to the selected Midi track?

I Found 3 ways to import a midi-file in the Manual


Here, you can specify what happens when you drag a
MIDI file into the project:

  • If you select the “MIDI Tracks” option, MIDI tracks are
    created for the imported file.
  • If you select the “Instrument Tracks” option, instrument
    tracks are created for each MIDI channel in the MIDI file.
    Furthermore, the program autom atically loads appropriate
  • If you select the “HALion Sonic SE multi-timbral” option,
    several MIDI tracks are created, each routed to a sepa-
    rate instance of HALion Sonic SE in the VST Instruments
    window and the appropriate presets are loaded.

All above Methods create tracks for the midi data,
But i want the MIDI data be added to the Track I select

Thanks a lot !


Sorry, it’s not possible. You can import it to a MIDI track and then drag the MIDI Part over to the wanted Instrument/MIDI Track.

You can select the destination only when Importing from Project.

Thank you Martin.

I think you can drag-and-drop the file from the File Explorer (or Finder) onto your Instrument Track, no?

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Certainly can from Finder.

I can also drag and drop midi onto an instrument track from the media bay.
C12 pro - mac.

Yes indeed. You can even drag MIDI files from your Desktop onto a Track.

I assumed as much. I couldn’t remember if I’d ever done it with a MIDI file, but it certainly works with audio files. Thanks for verifying.