How to import midi file to a selected instrument track

Hi, I have the exact same question of this 10 years old post which is now closed.

Here it is:

Is it Possible to Import a MIDI-file to the selected Midi track?

I Found 3 ways to import a midi-file in the Manual


Here, you can specify what happens when you drag a
MIDI file into the project:

  • If you select the “MIDI Tracks” option, MIDI tracks are
    created for the imported file.
  • If you select the “Instrument Tracks” option, instrument
    tracks are created for each MIDI channel in the MIDI file.
    Furthermore, the program autom atically loads appropriate
  • If you select the “HALion Sonic SE multi-timbral” option,
    several MIDI tracks are created, each routed to a sepa-
    rate instance of HALion Sonic SE in the VST Instruments
    window and the appropriate presets are loaded.

All above Methods create tracks for the midi data,
But i want the MIDI data be added to the Track I select

Thanks a lot !


Sorry, it’s not possible. You can import it to a MIDI track and then drag the MIDI Part over to the wanted Instrument/MIDI Track.

You can select the destination only when Importing from Project.

Thank you Martin.

I think you can drag-and-drop the file from the File Explorer (or Finder) onto your Instrument Track, no?

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Certainly can from Finder.

I can also drag and drop midi onto an instrument track from the media bay.
C12 pro - mac.

Yes indeed. You can even drag MIDI files from your Desktop onto a Track.

I assumed as much. I couldn’t remember if I’d ever done it with a MIDI file, but it certainly works with audio files. Thanks for verifying.

A very needed feature in 2024. Generate midi data in other software and then import simply by dragging…

Or even better, generate data directly in Cubase via API, but there is no API either.

Cubase is stuck in 1990, unfortunately


You can drop a MIDI file to Cubase, as mentioned above.

Maybe I’m doing something wrong, but for me it’s only creating new tracks, not importing merged midi data to a selected track.

Maybe there’s a Preference to always create a new Track? I can drag & drop onto existing Tracks just fine.

What do you mean by “merged midi data” compared to a standard MIDI file?

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It depends on what’s in the midi file. A simple type 0, which is the most common case, can simply be draged/dropped onto an existing track. But there are cases, like some multitrack or type 1 files, that can cause a new track to be created.

Cubase tries its best to make sense of what you’re doing, but the result can depend on the midi file.

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I don’t see one, nor I think it’s needed. It works as expected here too. As @GlennO mentioned, the import process depends on some factors.

@riflinka , here are the setting we can have:


I suspect you want the “Import Dropped File as single Part” checked. But I may be wrong.

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You are right, thank you. Didn’t see this for some reason