how to import multiple audio to one file ?


i have several audio files i want to drop on my timeline one after the other.
For the moment the only way i find is to do them one by one.
is there a way to select all and drop them ?
when i do so only the first file is loaded on the timeline.

You should specify if you are working in the audio montage, or the audio editor.

To do this, the audio montage is probably the best environment. SHIFT + CMD + I is the default shortcut to import files into the montage. Before the files are inserted you can choose what order they get inserted in, and if they all go on the same track, or if they alternate back and forth on two different tracks.

If you drop audio files to a montage a dialogue showing up and you can decide on how files have to be arrange (behind each other, separated on tracks…)

hi thanks

dam… i don’t know the difference. does this come in this “element” version ?

no i don’t get any message. i jest get first audio file droped on timeline.

File > New

You can select the type of file you want to create. Choose Audiomontage as shown in attached graphic (available in both WLE and WLP)

haaaa wonderful !
the “montage” thing made it. thank you. sorry i bought wavelab on the side of nuendo to make markers for make noise morphagene only and never had time to go though the manual :stuck_out_tongue:
helped alot thanks !